CAUTION :    There are several building contractors in the market that  will give you free solutions to the wet basement problem, so as to promote their own business interest. Does it necessarily mean that it is the right solution for your property? 

Just because they ensure you that you will not
see the water visually seeping through the basement walls and floor, does not mean that the water is not present, and that it is not affecting the structural integrity of the house, its foundation and its walls?

REMEMBER :    Before you spend a lot of money on repairing the problem of leaky basement, always get a second independent opinion to make sure what it is the right solution for your property.
Water seepage in the basement of homes is typically a result of poor building design and construction, in relation to the lot that it sits on. The fury of water is the biggest adversary for the building's health and its useful life. Uncontrollable water can damage a whole town, a castle, or an individual home equally. 

If you have a basement that is leaking water and/or if you see visible cracks in the basement walls and floor slab, that is a clear indication that the water has been uncontrollable damaging the vital components of the building's base. An immediate action is required from your part.
As professional Engineers and Architects, we diagnose the wet basement and its related structural problems on a case by case basis and give an unbiased evaluation. Our findings have strong legal standing in the court.
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