EAC was responsible for the replacement of four existing 750 kVA UPS consoles. Included in the replacement was a total of 3000 kVA of UPS units and 30 minutes of battery backup, output distribution switchboard rated at 3000 AMP, dc breakers, and associated items and feeders from the UPS room at NMIC in Suitland, Maryland.  The facility has a high level of durability, reliability, and redundancy.  Instantaneous automatic transfer of power occurs, should any type of power interruption take place without affecting the building operation.  Failure of any UPS unit(s) would not impact the load served from the failed UPS unit(s).  The load automatically switches over/transfer to the remaining operational UPS units without any type of power interruption.  The work was phased, carried out in such a way that power interruption to the critical load was at an absolute bare minimum.

Project Type: Design-Bid-Build

UPS for the NMIC, Suitland, MD.