The Customer Comments listed below are linked to full-copies of the "Customer's Evaluation Of Performance" form, that our clients have returned to us upon completion of inspection. In consideration to our clients' privacy, we do not  give out their phone number.
"I was pleased with A-thru-Z's inspection. There are manythings I liked about this inspection. Above all, the one thing that was most important, was that A-thru-Z saved me from a money pit investment. For my next inspection, I will definitely call them." -Steven Lee, Washington, DC (Multifamily Apartment Building)

"We had another building inspected by A-thru-Z and found the work to be very thorough and the inspector very helpful in explaining his findings. We asked for the current work because of the confidence that was built in the first job. Thank you, very much." -Fred Eden, Laurel, MD (Office Building)

"The inspector was very professional and was very knowledgeable of all aspects of building inspection. Excellent value for the comprehensive inspection services." -John R. Trax, P.E. Washington DC (Office Building)

"The inspector was very informant. He was very detailed and the inspection was worth the money spent. I would highly recommend him to others." -Tammy Royster, Hyattsville, MD (Office Building) 

"Very worthwhile & complete inspection. Much useful information was provided." -Oscar M. Kramer, Bethesda, MD (Office Building)

"GREAT JOB - Thorough job was done with explanations.Very courteous and friendly." -Dr. Maniks Batra, White Oak, MD (Medical Office Building)

"Timeliness was important and A-thru-Z was very timely and very available when we needed them. The inspection had to be performed for us to move forward, so it was well worth the price we paid." -Tony Santy, Gaithersburg, MD (Office & Warehouse)

"As I expected, were so satisfied. Good job done." -Pyong H. Lee, Arnold, MD (Office/Warehouse Park) 

"Well worth the time and money." -Charles D. Wiemers, Laurel, MD (Office Building)

"I initially contacted a number of different inspectors and received a range of prices. After considering the professionalism, experience & expertise, I decided to go with A-thru-Z. I felt that they would perform the inspection very thoroughly and give us our moneys worth. I am extremely satisfied with the service and would use A-thru-Z for follow up inspections if need be." -Irene Hulede, Laurel, MD (Daycare/Early Learning Center).

"We will recommend your services to the Prince George's County Economic Development Office." -EDM Sales, Inc., Hyattsville, MD (Office Warehouse) 

"The inspection was necessary for negotiation of final purchase price and was most helpful. I would be pleased to recommend your company to others." -Ray Kostjowski, Seberna Park, MD (Office Building) 

"The consultant was very knowledgeable, nice and thorough with his inspection. We will continue to use your services." -Freddie Dawkins, Trustee, Washington DC (Church Building) 

"As a realtor, I normally used home inspection company who don't always do thorough inspections. Since I was purchasing this property for my own investment, I was willing to pay more for a more thorough inspection. I'm glad I did. Now I feel relieved to know the property condition and make a sound decision not to invest." -Peggy Kelly, Baltimore, MD (Church Building)

"The inspector was well trained & experienced that I can tell immediately. He explained well after he point out the problems. He encouraged me so much during his time inspecting the building. Thanks." -David Kim, Annandale, VA (Office & Retail Building)

"A straight shooting inspection. Inspector clearly pointed out items to both buyer and seller and was very fair, clear and direct in comments. Discussed scope and intent of inspection with all before beginning and briefed all at completion. A great help in moving a deal forward." -MD Anderson, Laurel, MD (Office Building)