The Customer Comments listed below are linked to full-copies of the "Customer's Evaluation Of Performance" form, that our clients have returned to us upon completion of inspection. In consideration to our clients' privacy, we do not  give out their phone number.
"I am a realtor with Long & Foster and was impressed by the thorough and professional inspection. Our garage was damaged when an automobile crashed into its side wall causing major damage. A-thru-Z gave me a good and honest appraisal. I would definitely use them for my clients ." -Judith Freedman, Rockville, MD

"We had structural problems with the house and A-thru-Z helped in evaluate condition and made recommendations to correct the same. The inspection was well worth my time and money." -Wayne Sunderland, Lanham, MD

"A-thru-Z did a great job for me inspecting the foundation and structural components of house. We discussed all problems and possible solutions. It was very informative." -Joseph G. Pavel, Rose Haven, MD

"Job well done on Structural Inspection." -David R. Lightfoot, Annapolis, MD

"Structural inspection of basement wall where cracks occurred because of water, settlement, etc." -John Platt, Laurel, MD

"They used a structural engineer which impressed me. They focused on structural problems, not just cosmetics." -Clyde R. Burke, Beltsville, MD

"This was a pre-drywall inspection, focusing on load-bearing supports. Inspection was detailed and thorough. My questions were answered thoroughly. I am pleased." -William Bunton, Upper Marlboro, MD