The Customer Comments listed below are linked to full-copies of the "Customer's Evaluation Of Performance" form, that our clients have returned to us upon completion of inspection. In consideration to our clients' privacy, we do not  give out their phone number.

"I chose A-thru-Z due to the credentials of its professionals. The inspection they performed exceeded my highest expectations. Their attention to details was superior." -Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Washington DC.

"With the cost of buying a house so great, its foolish not to get it inspected by professionals who can spot problems other home inspectors may not see. Well worth the price." -Beo Ackerman, Baltimore, MD

 "I would strongly recommend a licensed Architect or an Engineer perform an existing building inspection as he/she would understand the entire building system and its operations." -Pradeep Perera, Potomac, MD

 "This was my second home purchase. The prior inspection was with an unlicensed home inspection firm recommended by the realtor. I found this inspection to be much more thorough. Well worth the fee." -David Fensterheim, Bethesda, MD

 "I feel very secure and assured with having used your company for the second time. Thanks for your dedication to great quality work." -Tonya Friday, Upper Marlboro, MD

 "Main reason for choosing A-thru-Z is because of your inspectors being State Licensed & Certified. I probably paid more than other companies, but I feel that it was worth the investment." -Clemell Lewsey, Bowie, MD