The Customer Comments listed below are linked to full-copies of the "Customer's Evaluation Of Performance" form, that our clients have returned to us upon completion of inspection. In consideration to our clients' privacy, we do not  give out their phone number.

 "A-thru-Z was used for Pre-Drywall and Final Construction Inspection. Both times, the inspector was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. I was completely satisfied and again called A-thru-Z for the 1 year warranty inspection. It was well worth my time and money." -James E. Batts, Pikesville, MD

"A-thru-Z provided outstanding professional service. I have been very pleased with their pre-drywall inspection and post-drywall. Unequivocally, I highly recommend A-thru-Z." -Dr. Joyce Berry, Rockville, MD

"A friend recently bought a new home and had difficulty because of not getting a home inspection - afterward she contacted A-thru-Z through a friend that highly recommended this company." -Nona W. Kumah, Bowie, MD

"This was a second visit from A-thru-Z and the standard of inspection was just asexcellent as the 1st time. We hope to avail the services again if need be & will be glad to refer to friends. Excellent performance on the whole". -Dr. Navera Ahmed, Fairfax, VA 

A very thorough inspection and explained why certain structures had to be strengthened. Also, very good/informative web site - good info and good qualifications. I'm convinced." -Ward Green, McLean, VA

"Well worth the expense as we found a number of items that needed to be corrected by the General Contractor." -Paul A. Swinley, Great Falls, VA