EAC was tasked to repair the existing Rifle and Pistol Shooting Range for the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. Both existing ranges had deterioated wood baffles and a CMU wall separating the rifle and pistol ranges. The bullet traps were sloped earthen berms on open turf. Our task included re-building both bullet traps, providing for new 40 lanes of 15 yard pistol lanes and a fully baffled pistol range. All exposed surfaces were lined with sacrificial cladding to prevent bullet ricochet. Artificial shielded lighting was included. Project included Civil Design and MDE permitting for the State of Maryland.

Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Type:          Renovation
Permitting: MDE for State of MD
Covered Area:                4,000 s.f.
Services Provided:

-Topographical &
  Geotechnical Survey

-Cost Estimation

Shooting Ranges, USNA, Annapolis, MD.