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YOUR RISK :    When you are buying or selling a property, you are not given a second chance to change your mind. So how can you take the risk of hiring an Inspector that is average at best.  If you want a peace of mind, you should always get The Real Pros.
WHY US   EAC is not an everyday Home Inspection Company because unlike others, it is comprised of educated, trained and Licensed Professional Engineers or Architects. Our findings have a strong legal standing in the court.

OUR PHILOSOPHY :    "Unless you know the right way a building is put together, how can you "really" tell what's wrong with it?" It is for this very reason, we do not hire everyday Home Inspectors.

FREE REPAIR COST :    In addition to a professional inspection, we give FREE Estimate of Repair Costs of our findings so you can get to the "Bottom Line".

REPORT :    A report on findings is given at the time of the inspection. Our report is concise and very easy to understand.

Public & Multi-Family House Inspection