The capability offered by an experienced HUD-Certified inspector in detecting and identifying deficiencies is hard to compare with even the best of your in-house officers and/or maintenance staff.

To maintain a proper check & balance in the building maintenance process, you should always rely on independent group of professionals reporting to you the physical condition as it exists.

Because your maintenance officers & staff see the same property day-in and day-out even the obvious building defects (especially the old ones) become transparent leading to defects going undetected/un-noticed.

If you are short staffed, your in-house inspector could have a tendency of rushing through the inspection process and possibly overlooking or not noticing the deficiencies in existence.

Don’t consume your valuable human resources on physical inspection, specially when you can hire an experienced and reliable outside source.

Not detecting, identifying all deficiencies early on will prevent you from completing their repair in a timely manner and can greatly reduce the property score at the actual HUD-REAC Inspection.

Don't settle for Less !

Why Should You NOT Use Your  Own In-House Staff To Inspect Your Property ?