BEQ, Quantico, VA

Camp LeJune, NC

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, S.E., Washington, DC :

    - Cooling Tower, DIA, Washington, D.C.
Marine Corps, Quantico, VA

Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC

UPS for the NMIC, Suitland, MD

U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD :

    - Loggia, Bancroft Hall, USNA, Annapolis, MD
    - Bishop Stadium Improvements, USNA, Annapolis MD

    - Shooting Ranges, USNA, Annapolis, MD
    - Glenn Warner Soccer Stadium Improvements, USNA, Annapolis, MD

    - Halsey Field House, USNA, Annapolis, MD

    - Attic Catwalk, Bancroft Hall, USNA, Annapolis MD
    - Lejeune Hall Wrestling Locker Room, USNA, Annapolis, MD

    - Ricketts Hall & Bishop Stadium, USNA, Annapolis MD

    - Rip Miller, USNA, Annapolis, MD

    - U.S. Naval Academy Chapel, USNA, Annapolis MD

U.S. Naval Air Station, Indian Head, MD :

    - Annealing Ovens Facility, NAS, Indian Head, MD

U.S. Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD :

    -Building 1370 Dental Clinic, NAS, Patuxent River, MD

    - Building 2370, NAS, Patuxent River, MD

U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC

U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC

U.S. Naval Security Station, Building 81

U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center :

    - Annealing Oven Facility w/out PCS

    - Building 900, NSWC Indian Head, MD

    - Collaboration Center Carderock, NSWC, Carderock MD

    - Target Tracking and Signal Processing Facility, NSWC, Dahlgren VA

Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.