EAC provided the Department of State (DOS) fast-track of security improvements projects for numerous facilities worldwide.  These facilities include embassies, consulates, and annexes throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.  The EAC team has provided comprehensive services from survey to completion.  All design quality and standards conform to the requirements of the DOS's Architectural & Engineering Design Guidelines for U.S. Diplomatic Mission Buildings.  One of the challenging aspects of this contract is reconciling the need to protect embassy occupants with maintaining the image of openness and goodwill to the host country through good design.  DOS requirements call for security upgrades to be unobtrusive without diluting their effectiveness.  In addition, because no two facilities are alike, each facility must be evaluated on an individual basis and custom solutions must be created to solve site specific problems.

This project added an on-street Pedestrian Compound Access Control to the facility. Added Hardened guard booth with vehicle inspection station and cable reinforced barriers.Evaluated and corrected the compound for stand-off' and penetrability weakness.


U.S. Embassy Jerusalem, Israel