The IRS Building was erected in 1932 as part of the Federal Triangle. The building is currently owned by GSA, and was undergoing phased repairs to specific areas of the building infrastructure. The interior elements of the roof drainage system, which includes vertical and horizontal piping, was deteriorating and had developed leaks which have damaged the interior of the building. GSA had determined that the roof drainage system should be repaired to prevent further water damage to the building.The existing roof drainage piping in the Basement occured in several rooms which contained electrical equipment. This piping did not meet current building codes, and was relocated to bring the building up to Code. Interior lining of pipes was explored as well.The survey also included the adequacy of the grounding clamps on the domestic water loop. 

Project Type: Design-Bid-Build

Construction Type: Renovation

Services Provided:

-Cost Estimation

IRS Building, Washington, DC