EAC provided A/E services for whole neighborhood revitalization of 148 junior enlisted family quarters including neighborhood amenities and supporting infrastructure.  The work included increasing the size of the units to improve the floorplan and converted them to three and four bedroom units, installed a half-bath on the first floor, relocated laundry area to a new utility room, renovated the bathroom on the second floor, added a master bathroom, installed HVAC duct system and sealing existing concrete slab encased duct system, replaced heating system, conversion of utility systems from fuel oil to natural gas, removed underground fuel tanks, and contaminated soil, increased insulation in attic space, replaced interior and exterior electrical fixtures, lead and asbestos abatement, installed double pan thermo windows, reconfigured kitchen, bedrooms, living and utility rooms. 

Supporting facility work included road repairs, additional off-street parking, sidewalks, storm sewer, exterior electric work and underground lines, electric and gas lines, landscaping and recreation facilities.  Design of at least ten percent of these units was done in accordance with UFAS, per PL 90-480.  This project also involved management of lead and asbestos.

Full construction phase services were performed.

General Officer's Quarters, Fort Lee, VA