REMEMBER : It is easier, cheaper, less disruptive and more convenient to identify, manage and rectify construction deficiencies during the construction process of a building than it is when the building is already built and occupied. 

As professional Engineers and Architects, our findings have strong legal standing in the court. We specialize in inspecting newly constructed buildings and monitoring buildings that are under construction.  Construction inspection, monitoring and the administration services are provided as either on a ongoing basis or on an as needed/requested basis.
Part of the construction administration services includes, but is not limited to the following:
Construction Bid Negotiation and evaluation 

Evaluating Contract Addendum

Support in assessing the appropriate contractor for the job

Support in awarding the construction contract

Shop Drawing review and/or interpretation

Issuing Certificate of Payment

Assessing, issuing and managing Change Orders

Construction Scheduling

Health, OSHA, Wage Scale Regulation compliance

Establishing the Certificate of Substantial Completion

Determining the Certificate of Final Completion