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YOUR RISK :    When you are buying or selling a commercial property, you are not given a second chance to change your mind. So how can you take the risk of hiring an Inspector that is average at best.  If you want a peace of mind, you should always get THE REAL PROS !!
WHY US :    EAC is not an everyday Home Inspection Company because unlike others, it is comprised of educated, trained and Licensed Professional Engineers or Architects. Our findings have a strong legal standing in the court.

OUR PHILOSOPHY :    "Unless you know the right way a building is put together, how can you "really" tell what's wrong with it?" It is for this very reason, we do not hire everyday Home Inspectors.

FREE REPAIR COST :    In addition to a professional inspection, we give FREE Estimate of Repair Costs of our findings so you can get to the "Bottom Line".

REPORT :    A report on findings is given at the time of the inspection. Our report is concise and very easy to understand.

Commercial Building Inspection