EAC was tasked to provide services to the United States Embassy located on Alexi Mateevici Street, in the "Centru" District of Chisinau, Moldova.  The Embassy addition project consisted of site survey and design services for the construction of a new two story addition to the Chancery building, perimeter and technical security upgrades.  The design was also intended to connect the existing Chancery, with the new addition and Consular annex into one embassy complex.  A phasing plan was developed to provide a swing space to allow for the continuous operation of the post during construction.  EAC provided services that included: Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural and Life Safety Engineering, as well as Technical Security Design.

The design included the modification of existing and construction of new building elements.  ADA accessible rest room and elevator, energy efficient and flexible HVAC, lighting, power, communication system wiring, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, on site utilities and site work were all included in this project.   
Wherever possible, products made with recycled materials were specified. Perimeter security (Force Protection) design services were also provided.  The site is located in seismic zone 2B.  Phase I of the project involving physical and technical security has been built.  Design/build documents (RFP) for Phase II are complete.

U.S. Embassy Chisnau, Moldova