EAC was tasked to prepare a design build RFP to construct two projects in Bancroft Hall.  The first project was to install catwalks in the 5th wing attic.  The second project was to install a floor in a high bay between mezzanines in the 8th wing. During a recent renovation in the 5th wing of Bancroft Hall, catwalks were installed to major pieces of mechanical equipment, mainly air handling units (AHUs).  However, catwalks were not installed for smaller pieces of equipment, including fans, unit heaters, and dampers. EAC,PC also provided a site survey to map the locations of mechanical equipment which required access, inspected the existing primary load bearing members, and estimated the quantity of materials needed. 

Contract Type: Design-Build RFP

Services Provided:

-Sprinkler & Fire Protection
-Cost Estimation

Attic Catwalk, Bancroft Hall, USNA, Annapolis, MD.