EAC Architects and Engineers has a wealth of experience in the diverse aspects of component analysis and financial planning for community associations. We can help ensure that your community association prepares its reserve budget as accurately as possible. By preparing a reserve study for your association, we will help your association maintain its long-term financial health by providing:
An inventory of items subject to replacement.

An estimate of the useful remaining life of those items.

An estimated cost of replacement 

A funding plan designed to cover future expenditures 

We perform reserve studies based on a strict set of standards developed by the Community Association Institute. CAI's National Reserve Study Standards provide a detailed list of functions that must be included in each type of study being performed:

Level 1 Full Reserve Study - includes a site visit, component inventory, condition assessment, life and valuation estimates, fund status and funding plan.

Level 2 Update Reserve Study - Site Visit/On-site Review includes a condition assessment of the existing inventory, life and valuation estimates, fund status and funding plan.

Level 3 Update Reserve Study - No Site Visit/Off-site Review includes life and valuation adjustments to the existing inventory, fund status and funding plan.

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Capital Replacement Reserve Study

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