EAC provided services for the replacement of existing cooling towers and its associated piping infrastructure at DLA Headquarters Building.  One of the wings of the DLA building was being served by four cooling towers. There were numerous operational and performance issues with the buildings chillers due to high condenser water temperatures (92 F in lieu of 85 F).  The age of the towers, the associated scale and debris, as well as possible recirculation of tower air, were adversely affecting the towers performance.  Numerous steps were taken in the past to increase the capacity of the existing towers such as increasing fan capacity, etc., but the building operators reported difficulty in maintaining adequate ice levels.  These towers were in poor condition and the building operators were requesting that they be replaced immediately.  In addition, there were issues with the central plant and overall building cooling load that was causing or contributing to the ice making issues as well.  EAC was commissioned to develop the Parametric Design leading to the RFP (Bridging Documents) for a Design/Build project under a separate contract by another contractor.   This project was challenged because of the tight site conditions and the need to increase the performance and size within the allocated real estate.   EAC successfully developed a viable solution and created a set of RFP with all the required bridging documents to obtain competitive design/build bids.  

Contract Type: Parametric Design-RFP

Services Provided:

-Cost Estimation

Cooling Towers, DLA Headquarters Complex, Fort Belvoir, VA.