FREE REPAIR COST :  In addition to a professional inspection, we give FREE Estimate of Repair Costs of our findings so you can get to the "Bottom Line".

REPORT :  A report on findings is given at the time of the inspection. Our report is concise and very easy to understand.
General Home Inspection

As professional Engineers and Architects, our findings have a strong legal standing in the court. Our Full Service Inspection of an existing home is focused to protect the interest of Buyer / Seller / Owner.

Our inspection includes a thorough examination of the following building components:
The Structural Integrity
Grounds and Lots
eck / Porch / Garage
Roof / Gutters  / Drainage
Basement / Crawl Space
Exterior Surfaces
Attic / FRT
Doors and Windows
Heating / Air-conditioning
Kitchen and Appliances
Fireplace and Chimney
Walls / Floor / Ceiling
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