The purpose of this project was to provide a new campus as a replacement of existing buildings E3724, E3726 and E3728. Demolition of these buildings with the exception of the test chambers in E3724 and E3726 will be required. The program has grown over 100% in the past 5 years. Should funding be available, this project will provide all services under one roof, eliminating the need and maintenance of numerous buildings.

EAC has conducted an extensive building survey and user interviews to determine basic facility requirements and develop space use programs and projections. Through a charette-style process, four different concept plans have been devised to consolidate building functions for greater efficiency.  The master planning is a process for functional consolidation and for project funding by Congress.

E3700 will be built to include the existing test chambers and sharing support space and consolidating all operations under one roof. The proposed new facility will be one-story steel frame, concrete slab construction and have 37,611 SF. Mechanical equipment will be located on the roof with access from within the structure. The emergency generator and switch gear will be located in a free-standing building adjacent to the site, yet outside the perimeter fence. 

Project Type: Parametric Design Services

Services Provided:

-Data Communication
-Sprinkler & Fire Protection
-Cost Estimation

Building E3700, ECBC, Aberdeen Proving Ground MD