EAC provided full design and construction submittal review services for architectural and physical security design, mechanical and electrical engineering (including coordination of OBO TSS design) as part of the design build team in association with DesBuild Inc. 

The Consulate building is considered to be historically significant. EAC successfully provided the design for all items that are simultaneously architecturally responsible to the original design intent of the building and the site as well as in conformance to the AEDG.  The construction budget was approximately $3 million.

The design, phasing and construction of this project were coordinated with a separate building upgrade project being performed by others. The scope of work included:  

The creation of a new consular PAC, including relocation of the consular guard booth. 

The design of an anti-ram/anti-climb perimeter wall that is reflective of the building's character. 

Selective upgrade of the site lighting.

The complete replacement of windows on 3-sides of the building with 15-min FE/BR units.

The installation of FE grilles on various louvered openings. 

The upgrade of an existing air intake areaway to provide 60-min FE/BR protection.

Project Type: Design-Build

Services Provided:

-Geotechnical Survey
-Architectural & Interior Design
-Civil & Structural Engineering
-Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
-Historic Perservation
-Technical Security System

U.S. Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentina