EAC provided services that included project scope review with agency project managers and meetings with users to understand and incorporate their requirements; evaluation of the building structures, on-site utilities, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, power, fire alarm and protection systems for preparing reports, studies, plans, specifications, design analysis and cost estimates. 

After the completion of contract documents, EAC provided assistance in bidding, construction inspection and preparation of construction completion site visit reports documenting the findings of the site visit. In addition, shop drawings and submittals were reviewed for conformance with contract documents.  Prefinal and final inspections included punch list preparation and verification. 

At the project closeout, as built drawings and as built specifications were prepared.  Other services included studies, programming documents, schematics, concept development preparation of perspectives, design, and construction documents for additions, renovations, and building alterations, including space planning, interior design, sitework and utilities, subsurface exploration, storm water management, topographic surveys for additions, parking lots, drainage and underground utilities, asbestos and lead removal.

All work was performed by using Autocad and Microstation (AIA/NCS CAD standards), MCA-CES and SpecsInTact.  On numerous projects, presentations to Post Command Groups were made. 

Building 1422, Fort Belvoir, Virginia