The purpose of this project was to provide the Smithsonian Institution, Office of Physical Plant, with our observations, findings and recommendations following an inspection of the sheet metal plenum and surrounding metal roofing at the northeast mechanical room of the Arts and Industries Building.  Engineering Applications Consultants, P.C. (EAC) and Seal Engineering, Inc. conducted the field work and prepared a report of finding, corrective action and associated cost estimates.

The Arts and Industries Building is a two-story cast iron-framed structure with brick and glass facades and sheet metal roofs.  The building was constructed around 1880.  The plenum structure was constructed beneath a square cupola near the northwest corner of the building in the late 1960s, and is used to exhaust our from three cooling towers that were installed at that time.  According to available drawings, the cupola roof originally contained skylights, which were replaced with wire mesh when the plenum was installed.  Additionally, the original cupola windows were removed and replaced with louvers.


Arts & Industries Building, Washington, D.C.