EAC was tasked with designing an Annealing Oven Facility to handle and process specialized material. The project included all provisions for specialized pollution control equipment to capture and destroy potential environmental contaminants that are released during the process of annealing (baking to breakdown) ordnance and bombs. Utilizing the central steam, compressed air and electrical services, the facility provides the proper filtering and pressure reduction of the supplied services for the safe and effective operation of the annealing ovens, fume scrubbers, PCS reactors, digital control/monitoring systems, and associated equipment.

A/E services included producing drawings, specifications and cost estimates using the metric system for the PCS Building and the Production Area, while maintaining a pre-established construction budget. A very high level of coordination was required between the construction documents and the specialized equipment for a seamless installation, and to allow for proper operation and maintenance. Up to the point of project bidding, modifications to site plans were made to accommodate the evolving design. An analysis of the existing high pressure central steam system was also performed to determine an acceptable point of connection for the new facility to the central system. 

Annealing Ovens Facility, NAS, Patuxent River, MD